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Health Quest Laboratories is dedicated to developing pharmaceutical quality supplements specially formulated by a physician/biochemist to address your most vital health and physiological goals.  Alternative medicine for men and womens health isssues concerning what type of supplement to use is becoming more and more confusing, that is why Health Quest is producing specifically blended natural supplements targeted to your needs. Developed through years of research and refinement, each Self-Care Natural herbal supplements contain a specific blend of select ethno-botanical substances and herbal extracts gathered from locations all over the world.  While each component is recognized and respected for its own distinct properties, it is the synergistic effect of these ingredients acting in precise combinations that gives each Self-Care Natural supplement its unique potency and efficacy.
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Our products were developed for a healthy body by
Dan Ostrander, MD, NMD, PhD.
Dr. Dan Ostrander
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Alternative medicine or Naturopathic medicine has rapidly been gaining in popularity and usage. Natural herbal compound and extracts in the form of natural herbal supplements are being used more and more for things such as Acne, Headaches, Depression, Energy, Muscle problems, sports performance, relaxation aids, men & womens sexual enhancement and performance as well as for womens health issues such as breast enlargement. Holistic physicians of the past knew the values and benefits of herbals or alternative medicine, much of this knowledge was either lost or remained dormant with the increasing use of new "wonder drugs" and other pharmaceuticals for various health issues. Within the past several years we have seen a reawakening of the interest in natural remedies and herbal supplementation for alternative medicine. Many manufacturers of natural herbal supplements have now included such compounds as Androstendiol and Emu oil into their formulations for enhanced performance leading to the development of new and improved health supplements and Nutraceuticals. Health Quest Laboratories with its dedication to research and development of new and improved all natural supplements is rapidly becoming a leader in natural health, focusing on mens and womens health issues.

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